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About us

The Wings of Russia Studio was set up in 1984 as the Gromov Flight Research Institute structural department to provide video control for the Russian space shuttle Buran.
In the early 90’s the first TV programs produced by the studio were shown on television. The first home video was released.
In 1996 the Wings of Russia Studio became independent company. The Studio is based on the territory of the Gromov Flight Research Institute, Zhukovsky, which allows to feel the pulse of the Russian aviation.
The studio produces different types of commercial videos (presentation, educational etc.) for the aviation enterprises and companies.
Among studio partners are famous aviation companies, scientific institutes, educational centers, avionics and armament enterprises, engines production plants and aviation dealers.
The Wings of Russia Studio assists with aerial shooting for the feature films and commercial videos, provides organization for the aerial and ground shooting of any type of flying vehicle.
The Studio cooperates with the leading Russian TV channel producing historical films on different subjects. All the documentaries can be found at the Studio DVD catalogue.
The Wings of Russia Studio owns more than 10 000 hours of the archive informational footage.
The unique information on thousands aircraft, aviation companies and enterprises, aviation & space scientific, research and educational instates, pilots, astronauts and designers can be found among the archives.
There are more than 8 000 of pictures, slides and artworks of the different aircraft in the Studio photo archive.
The Studio owns a huge collection of aviation books and magazines including the rarity editions.
The Wings of Russia Studio is equipped with the latest video, editing, recording and computer equipment. It consists of camera jibs of different sizes, remote control lipstick cameras to provide aerial shooting, BETACAM and mini DV cameras, radio microphones, digital editing systems etc.